UF Procurement

Procurement Reconciliation Process


Tentative Schedule


If a specific purchase order should be omitted from this process please send an e-mail to procurement@ufl.edu with the PO business unit, PO number and a valid business reason.


The next PO RECON process will run after close of business Thursday, October 12, 2017 only for POs older than March 31, 2017 that have had no recent activity.

A list of POs to be run and closed are posted here.

To find POs for your business unit, use the drop down filter in Column A.

If a PO is on this list, and you need the PO to remain open for future activity, email the PO number and the reason you still need the PO to procurement@ufl.edu.


PO Activity: A process that updates the purchase order within the Procurement module of PeopleSoft including PO creation and change request processing.

Delivery/Due Date: This is on the requisition and the PO and used to keep the PO open if the date is in the future of the reconciliation process being run. If you know you need to keep your PO open, you may submit a change order to extend this date into the future. This can be done on partially vouchered POs.

Purchase Order statuses:
Approved: Purchase order has been created from a requisition but it has not yet been budget checked as a PO and is not encumbering funds. Purchase orders that fail budget checking will remain in Approved status until budget check runs successfully.

Dispatched: Purchase order information has been passed from myUF Market to myUFL (does not include myUF Market POs with PCard as payment type. After Dispatched status is assigned the PO should be available in myPayment Solutions the next day.

Cancelled: Purchase order has never been used or referenced in myUFL. Purchase orders are only placed in this status by change request or through the Procurement reconciliation process.

Completed: Placed in this status by Procurement reconciliation processes or the Procurement core office via the Change Order process. No longer available in myUFL for transactions. The purchase order information can still be reviewed at Procurement > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information.

Tentative Schedule

Note: Complete days refers to the number of days that must have elapsed since the last activity for the PO to be eligible for completion. For cancellation, 300 days must have elapsed since the PO creation date with no activity.


All BUs target date 03/31/2017


All BUs target date 6/30/2017


All BUs target date 09/30/2017


All BUs target date 12/31/2017


All BUs target date 03/31/2018