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myuf marketmyUF Market and PCard

myUF Market is a way to purchase goods and services. PCard has been used as a procurement method—that is, a way to purchase goods and services. With myUF Market, your PCard will be used as a payment method.


myUF Market

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In myUF Market, you can:

If you currently use a PCard with vendors who have electronic catalogs and accept a PCard in myUF Market, you are required to order using myUF Market.

How do I get my PCard added to myUF Market profile?
Log into the myUF Market at least once and set up your profile, then submit the myUF Market PCard Access form to send an email to the PCard Administration team. You will need to log in with your Gatorlink username and password. Requests generally take 24 business hours to process.

How do I use my PCard in myUF Market?
Shoppers may choose their PCard as a payment method when assigning the cart to the requestor. The requestor will only see the last four digits of the PCard. He or she will enter a ChartField, allowing the system to budget-validate the transaction. Requestors who have PCards may also choose to pay with their PCards.

What about vendors?
For a list of vendors who accept PCard in myUF Market, see the Enabled Vendor Quick Reference Tool. For vendors without e-catalogs in myUF Market, your PCard ordering process will not change.

Are there new rules?
No, PCard rules have not changed (see the PCard section of this site for more information on PCard rules):

How do requisitions and transactions work?
Requisitions using PCard as a payment method in myUF Market:

PCard transactions will appear in myUFL for processing.