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Lease of Space Procedures

Lease of Office Space

Lease of Warehouse/Mini-
    Storage Space

Requisition Instructions

This page has been created to assist departments with the process of leasing space off campus. For assistance, please e-mail purchasing@ufl.edu or call (352) 392-1331.

New Leases - Purchasing will prepare the Lease Agreement and submit by certified mail to the Landlord for signature. Upon verification of completed forms and receipt of a signed lease, a fully executed lease will be sent to the Landlord with the Purchase Order and the Department will be sent a copy of the lease.

Renewals - Purchasing will prepare and submit by certified mail the renewal notice to the Landlord, receipt of the certified mail will provide necessary authorization to process the requisition. A copy of the renewal notice will be sent to the department.

Lease of Office Space

Please note: If you want to lease space that is 5,000 sq. ft. or more you must initiate the bid process. Please contact Purchasing for more information.

*Lease of space can be paid unencumbered where the lease was executed by UF Staff who have been given delegated purchasing authority by the President of the University (normally the Office of Real Estate, Purchasing or Senior Vice Presidents.)
The fully executed lease should be attached to the check request


Please review the UF Regulations for Lease of Space.

Please complete the following forms and submit to Purchasing:


Lease of Warehouse/Mini-Storage Space

Please complete the following forms and submit to Purchasing:


Requisition Instructions

Complete a requisition in myuf Market. The requisition description must mirror the terms of the lease agreement. Verify the vendor is listed in the vendor file.

1. Begin with myUF Market to create the requisition

2. Select the Forms tab, then Standard Service Request Form

3. Select vendor

4. Commodity code to route properly: 80130000

5. Unit of Measure (UOM): 1 Mon (months)

6. Estimated Cost/Fee per unit: Monthly rental amount

7. Quantity: 12 months preferred (1 to 12 months, depending on how many you are able to encumber.

8. Service Begin Date: Enter ending date

9. Service End Date: Enter ending date

10. Description: Input the location and room/unit number of space renting

Once you "Add and Go to Cart," complete the rest of the requisition.

   a. Edit the cart name description

   b. Review the requisition to add in:

For more information on how to complete a requistion in myuf Market or on using the Standard Service Request form, see the myUFL Toolkits section of Human Resource Services' web site.