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Contract #ITN15NH-115 - UF Contract for Scientific Equipment, Lab, and Safety Supplies

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After January 23, 2017, orders for Affymetrix products should be placed via the Fisher or Thermo Fisher (formerly Life Technologies) punchouts.

John Collins
LSG Acct Mgr III
(678) 459-7104

Brian Alvarado
LSG Acct Mgr II dedicated to UF Gainesville

Greg Wessel
LSG Consumables District Mgr

Freight Terms:

  • Full cost of shipping for orders $299.99 or less
  • Free shipping for orders between $300 to $2999.99
  • 25% off shipping for orders $3000 and greater
  • All hazardous and packaging charges are waived

Mario Moreno
Account Manager
(305) 600-6194
Brandi McLaughlin
Genomics Specialist
(813) 399-2970
Arielle Linderman Nguyen
Proteomics Systems Specialist
(510) 542-7109

Life Technologies - Was Applied Biosystems

After May 17th, 2012 Applied Biosystems product will be available through the Life Technologies punchout in myuf Market.

Shelina Folsom  
Genetic Analysis Applications Representative, FL (Real Time PCR and Sequencing Reagents)  
(404) 782-0693

Joan McGuire
District Sales Manager    
(404) 4314401


New England Biolabs

NEB Shipping charges:
For all orders less than $350 (net) there is a $28.00 shipping charge. All orders over $350 (net) receive free shipping

Christopher Cook
Field Account Manager, Southeast US
(978) 810-1172
(800) 632-5227

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Perkin Elmer

Evelyn Griffin
Account Manager, Bio-Discovery and Instruments Sales
(615) 403-7901

Scott Randall
Volocity Software Specialist

Stella Ponzo
Radiometric Specialist

Kevin Lewis

Sequencing Specialist


Josh Mann
Instrument Sales Manager
(954) 614-3180

Terrie Wright
Strategic Account Manager, Inside Sales
(800) 426-8157 x23705 (toll free)
(661) 702-3835


Neeraj Asundi
Regional Manager- South Central
Academic/Government Research Sales

(713) 205-3770

Rendy Combs
Research Sale Specialist
(305) 509-9285

Greg Munoz
Account Manager
(561) 371-6483

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All questions concerning this contract should be directed to UF Procurement at procurement@ufl.edu or (352) 392-1331.