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Document Destruction
(Paper and Media)

Confidential Paperworkshred it
Shred-it (April 1, 2016 - March 19, 2018) New Procedure

Shred-it is authorized to provide destruction and disposal services for restricted and sensitive data in any format including paper, videos, computer tapes and hard drives.  Shred-it can provide either on-premise or local off-premise destruction or disposal service. Please see forms below for pricing.

To receive shredding services, please fill out the appropriate form below and send to Shred-it


Document Destruction Service (for recurring service options)

Document Purge Service (for one-time shredding service)

Container Sizes (Photos)




For questions regarding Shred-it service, please call Ashley Barrington (904) 629-9576.



Non-Confidential Paperwork

UF Physical Plant Division, Recycling Department, will dispose of your non-confidential paperwork at no charge.

Contact Dale Morris, UF Solid Waste Coordinator, at (352) 392-7396.


For more information contact Procurement at (352) 392-1335.