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Fisher Scientific is the primary supplier of laboratory and safety supply products (including industrial safety items) for the University of Florida.

Benefits of the primary supplier relationship are that UF receives outstanding pricing on laboratory supplies, free freight, deep discounts on a hotlist of supply items, an on-campus laboratory supply store, no-hassle return policy, dedicated on-campus representation, additional discounts for new lab start-ups, and desktop delivery on campus.

Local Sales Representatives

For quotes:
Charles Baatz

Cell: (352) 454-1789

Michael Rosato
Cell: (352) 317-9836

On-Site Managed Services Site Specialist
(352) 372-1891

On Campus Store
Fisher maintains a storeroom of some of the most used supplies at this location on campus:

Health Science Center west loading dock area
Hours: 7:30 A.M. to 12 P.M. and 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.

Gary Frenza
Phone: (352) 338-0346

HSC Storeroom Catalog

Brian Reynolds
Phone: (352) 338-0346

HSC Storeroom Catalog

You may use your Pcard to purchase at this location.

Ice packs may be recycled at this location.


Think Green
The Think Green section of Fisher Scientific's web site lists the company's sustainable initiatives, products, suppliers, and services, as well as tools to improve your own. Learn how Fisher Scientific can support your own sustainable initiatives.

Don't throw away your ice packs! Recycle them through the Fisher Scientific storeroom, located at RM DG16, 1600 SW Archer Road, on the ground floor of Shands or send them to PO Box 100013. Ice packs from all sources (not just Fisher shipments) are accepted as long as the pack is not damaged or contaminated. Call Gary Frenza for details at 352-338-0346.

Low-Cost Alternatives
The low cost alternative catalogue contains over 200 comparable products to the ones the University already uses. Please click on the link to access an electronic .pdf of this low cost catalog.

The Corning® Recycle Now! Program
Corning® pipet tip racks are designed to be reusable, withstanding several autoclave cycles. However, if you prefer to dispose of the racks after use, you can reduce environmental waste by recycling your used tip racks.

With Corning’s Recycle Now! program, you simply place the empty used tip racks into a carton or box, affix a mailing label (supplied by your Corning Account Manager) and mail. There is no charge to you, and you’ll be helping Corning take positive action to help conserve our natural resources.

If you would like to recycle with Corning, please contact your Corning Account Manager for mailing labels and additional information.

A Message from Fisher Scientific
In addition to our Price Book we would like to recommend that you browse the Fisher Scientific hosted catalogue website through myUF Market for your University of Florida pricing and product availability along with the other features. As a myUF market User you can...

...All in a completely secure environment.

For more information on Fisher Punchout functionality please contact our On-Site office (352) 338-1890.

For more information on myUF Market access please contact the eProcurement Procurement Team at 392-1331 or myufmarket@ufl.edu.

All questions concerning this contract should be directed to Procurement at (352) 392-1331 or procurement@ufl.edu.